Game summary


Traces of Light is a third person adventure game about Dirk Young, a lighthouse keeper. His life is completely changed after a devastating solar storm ruins his village home. Help him to find a new mechanism for the Lighthouse and bring it back in order to save his friends and family from mortal danger. To finish the game pass through the mazes and obstacles, solve the puzzles and find the way home. There is no time to waste, let the adventure begin!

Game outline


Every island is a unique maze with many trails, bridges, passages and pathways. As lighthouse keeper, the player runs, jumps, climbs and flies across the island, collecting energy crystals. Collect enough crystals to execute super moves, activate interactive objects and get access to the Lighthouse’s Tower where the light can be turned on. On completion, players get an opportunity to skydive and enjoy the panorama view of the island.



  • 3D maze game - start at one point and find the right path to the Lighthouse Tower in different ways.
  • Every island is a new labyrinth. Explore all of them, find hidden objects and power ups, turn on the light in towers.
  • Create your own unique, “traces of light”, the pathway that you took to complete the game.
  • Day/night changes, dynamic weather conditions, stylized graphics with focus on colors and different materials.

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